How to fix problems while connecting AOL Mail and 3rd party email apps

In this article, learn how to proceed to solve the problems which you may be experiencing while accessing your AOL Mail using a third party email application.

If you are experiencing problems or any kind of difficulty or issues while logging in your AOL Mail account through any third-party applications, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, try troubleshooting with the suggestions given below to make sure that your email works when and where you need it.

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  1. Update your password:
    Email clients synchronize all of data that is stored in your email account, including the password for your email. If you are using any email client and also recently changed your AOL account password then you will need to also update it in the email client that you are using. This is done to synchronize message transfers from your email account to your email client. To change the password in your email client, you have to find your application’s “Email Accounts” or “Account Settings” section and choose the option displaying the AOL Mail account. After the successful selection of AOL Mail account, a window will open asking to input your current password, new password and again new password, just for confirmation. Input all the 3 fields and click “OK”. A message will appear displaying the success of the updation of your password. Now your AOL Mail account’s password is synced with your email client application. But be sure to input the same password in your email client which you are using with your AOL Mail account.
  2. Check IMAP settings:
    Sometimes your email clients’ connection with your AOL Mail account may get lost. In such cases, what happens is that your email client will stop queueing your new and sometimes old messages in the inbox. The new messages which your are receiving in your AOL Mail account will not get displayed in your email client, thus causing serious problems for you or your business. These connection settings are maintained by IMAP or POP settings. If your AOL Mail account is not sending or receiving messages to your email client properly, then you will need to check that your IMAP or POP settings are correct. You can choose any service either IMAP or POP, but IMAP is recommended by AOL as it works best with AOL Mail.
  3. Update the email client application you are using:
    AOL regularly updates its Mail service to better comply with the latest web and security standards and to provide better email service to its users. If your email client application has become outdated then it is time to update it as AOL Mail account will not recognize the outdated email client’s request for connection. Hence, if you are using an older version of your email client, it could be no longer compatible with the latest security settings. It is recommended by AOL to regularly update your email client to the latest version and use any of the popular email client so as to receive the update automatically. After updating your email client, remove your AOL Mail account from it and re-add it, so as to sync the previously held and new messages with your email client.

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All of the above given solutions are recommended by AOL itself and will definitely solve your problems in accessing your AOL Mail account through any email client. But, by any chance, your issue does not get resolved then you may contact AOL customer service number and get the expert technical guidance and assistance. Their service is free of cost and 24/7 available.