How to Migrate Emails From Outlook to Thunderbird

Countless Of those people today use Outlook to control the exchange of mails in their account. Nonetheless, so as to prevent loss of information when Outlook crashes, users must earn a backup of the Outlook data everywhere. Lets find out how to migrate to Thunderbird out of Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook email management customer enables users to make and manage mails received in their email accounts. An email management customer lets users handle their emails better than internet based email services. Aside from offering state-of-the-art-email control choices, Outlook comes with a few helpful workplace productivity features, enabling users to make tasks, notes, calendar, journal entries and also surf the internet. But, no matter how effective a software customer is, it might suffer from sleepless glitches from time to time, which may hamper the surgeries. It is therefore highly advisable to create back-ups of the information for Outlook retrieval. OST documents store Outlook info to allow users to get it when offline. PST files are private files that save mails, private user data and other configurations on Outlook.

When Outlook crashes, users may use these documents to restore the information, therefore making the data accessible . A different means to secure Outlook information would be to migrate the files into other email management program. To be able to migrate into Mozilla Thunderbird out of Microsoft Outlook, you'd first have to start the Thunderbird client. Thunderbird is quite simple to comprehend so that there will no problem in figuring out your way round the application. After launching the program, proceed to the'Tools' menu and then click the'Publish' option. A listing of software customers will start for you to choose from. Bear in mind, it's essential that you do everything by the book, otherwise measures required to ease Outlook retrieval will probably be moot and all information will be missing.

Now, when to be able to get around the mistake, open Outlook and click 'Yes' when it asks you to create it your default client. When that is completed, return to Thunderbird and replicate the procedure for choosing'Outlook' to import the address book. If everything goes according to plan, you'll be advised the Outlook address book was successfully subscribed to Thunderbird. If this notification appears, click 'End' to back to the main applications window.

Click it to get it. To Be Able to import all the mails on Outlook again stop by the'Tool' menu and then click the'Publish' option. However, this time, choose'Mail' rather than'Address Book' for archiving the email. But if something goes wrong Outlook at the meantime, then you may use third-party application like sophisticated outlook repair for Outlook retrieval. If still you are not able to migrate your emails database from outlook to Thunderbird than you need technical support services, call Thunderbird phone number or mail your queries to the client support team of the company.