Review Of Second Generation Bitdefender BOX

Cybersecurity and anti-virus software firm Bitdefender has officially launched the second generation of Bitdefender BOX. It is a security device which protects devices which are connected to the Internet. Basically, it is anti-virus for IoT devices.

Bitdefender Box 1 was company's first hardware product which was launched in April, 2015. Now the company has upgraded the device's both hardware and software. It is equipped with everything new both from inside and outside. Bitdefender has revamped the outlook of the device by changing the exterior all together. The new Bitdefender Box was launched in November, 2017 in the US.

Box 1 vs Box 2

Box 1 was more like a cardbox shaped device and Box 2 is cylindrical shaped. A small LED is placed in the front which turns red or blue to indicate the status of the device. Like the Box 1, the Box 2 can also be doubled up as your router. Box 2 also enhances on some of the features that first-generation Box had. They are deep-packet inspection of unencrypted network traffic, network intrusion detection and access controls.

Box 2 is equipped to apply machine learning to your traffic and filter the malicious URLs out of your network. Box 2 implements the algorithms on two bases. One, it checks to see if your devices are using default passwords. Second, if a device appears to be sending data to a suspicious website, it blocks access and alerts you via the associated app.

Setting-Up Box 2

Setting up and Installing Box 2 is also a breeze and very easy. Following the instruction given in the manual, you can connect this device with your home network within 5 minutes. That's fast, really! Configuring the Box 2 is also pretty easy if one has configured a router before.

You also have to download Bitdefender Central smartphone app (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store) which makes the whole process much simple. The router's performance is acceptable. Box 2 provides the range of 20 to 30 meters which is ample for most houses.


The Box 2 is being sold on Bitdefender Store for $249.99 which includes one year subscription, according to a spokesman for the company.

Key Specs

Dual core 1.2-GHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU; 1GB RAM; 4GB flash storage; dual-band 802.11n MIMO 2x2 + 802.11ac MIMO 33 AC1300; two Ethernet ports.

Why You Should Care

Cheap Internet of Things devices which provides sub-standard security leaves customers of such home networks prone to malicious attack. Including device like the BitDefender Box 2 in your home network doesn't just protect your IoT devices from outside attacks, it also gives you the freedom to add any smart home device to your home network. Consumers should definitely invest in such a device to protect their home networks.


  1. Includes 1-year subscription to Bitdefender Total Security 2018.
  2. More flash storage, RAM and processing power than the last model.
  3. Software updates OTF.
  4. 24/7 support from Bitdefender phone number.


  1. Slightly over-priced.
  2. Somewhat bulky.